Sales Manager

Organise your products, track your sales and make more profit.


  • Organize your Products & view Sales records irrespective of your location.
  • Have a detailed accounting system to check profit margins.
  • Create Customer Profiles & know their Order histories.
  • Launch a Loyalty Program/Gift Card for your Customers.
  • Create multiple Sales Representative & easily open new Stores/Branches.
  • Receive 24/7 Technical Support anytime you have challenges with your Application.
Biatell Sales Manager

SALES MANAGER is a mobile-friendly software for Shops and Stores, which can be deployed to work both online and offline.

It helps Sellers to manage all their sales, create multiple shops and stores, keep track of inventories, and manage their customers at ease.

SALES MANAGER comes with a storage and reporting feature to measure shop or store performances overtime e.g., Sales Reports, Profits and Loss, Stock Reports, Supplier Reports, etc.

The software is designed to allow Sellers organise their sales from start to finish without losing track of their customers.

Available Features


  • Inventory/Stock Management and Reports
  • Invoice Management and Reports
  • Unlimited Branches and Admin Levels
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Customer Management and Reports
  • Point of Sales/Billing (POS)
  • Accounting System and Bulk SMS Module
  • Barcode Scanner and Printer Supported
  • Fully Automated and Globally Accessible
  • Data Backup and Restore Supported
  • Printing Reports including Profits & Loss
  • Lifetime Technical Support, etc.
Biatell Sales Manager


Who is eligible to use SALES MANAGER?

Online Sellers (Selling without physical Shops)

Item-based Shops and Stores

Provision Shops and Stores

Bookshops, Clothing Shops and Stores

Hotel Mini Shops

Pharmacy Stores

Retail and Wholesale Suppliers



Frequently Asked Questions:

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Pay for at least one User License with the Deployment Fee.

1 USD/Month. License costs 1 USD/User/Month and it is paid annually. (12 USD per year)

It's a one-time payment that starts from 50 USD and can go higher depending on the Client's request.

Yes, it works offline.

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Biatell Sales Manager

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